After The Fall

The world has changed, and not for the better.
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Moon Base Eden

The Earth is dying. Biodome colonies and moon base Eden are our last hope.
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Some will grow to greatness, but few will ever truly become...Legends.
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Shadow Knights: Reign of Blood

The war of the races wasn't what was expected. Who will win and survive?
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Nomads: The Journey

The Earth is gone. Humanity is on the run. Who will survive?
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Niyat City

This city is the last stronghold for the Gisban, the humanoid natives of Thonora
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Night Tribes

Lycan or vampyre, we have always been, are, and always will be . . . among you!
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Blackmoore Manor [21+]

On the shores of Silouhette Lake sits a house of dark wonder.
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Realms of Black Lake

A medieval, fantasy rpg. Read our entry page. (18+)
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Sifan's Green Grove

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