Light Blue Marble

From: DeannaG10 Mar 2016 19:14
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Light Blue Marble features a textured design done in shades of white and light blue..

The fonts used in it are blue Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, and Sans-serif. Hovering over a link changes it's color to dark blue with a light blue background.
Font sizes range from 65% to 100%, except for the forum name which is 170%.

These are thumbnails. You can click on them to see a larger image.

photo light_blue_marble1_zpsreovhom3.jpg This is the login screen you are presented with logging into a forum using Light Blue Marble.
photo light_blue_marble2_zpsjy9wom9i.jpg A forum owner can choose whether or not to have new people registering with their forum agree to a set of rules. This is how the forum rules page appears, and the forum owner to edit it to suit their needs.
photo light_blue_marble3_zpsbt7evqa0.jpg When registering with a Beehive forum you will need to fill out a registration form. It will allow you to choose a user name, set up your signature, and a few other things. You'll be able to set more personal settings in My Controls after registration.
photo light_blue_marble4_zpssccs3gt2.jpg After registering and logging into the forum the forum start page will look something like this image.
photo light_blue_marble5_zpsaord5mon.jpg This is the upper portion of the message board.
photo light_blue_marble6_zpskiaiskbv.jpg This is the lower portion of the message board.
photo light_blue_marble7_zpsisdtem3v.jpg This is a basic user profile. It opens in a small new window, but you can expand it as you see it here. Profile set up is also controlled by a forum's owner. This means you can have a different profile set up in each forum.
photo light_blue_marble8_zpshli0vjv2.jpg This is the upper portion of the poll creation tools for the forum.
photo light_blue_marble9_zpsdojtklcx.jpg This is the middle portion of the poll creation tools for the forum.
photo light_blue_marble10_zpsllkem3ch.jpg This is the bottom portion of the poll creation tools for the forum.
photo light_blue_marble11_zps7gymwudq.jpg This is the posting page for the forum. As you can see there is a WYSIWYG editor, and if you prefer to type in your own HTML, a blue HTML button. Writing a PM (private message), and editing a post or PM use the same tools, and all allow you to preview your message before posting or sending.
photo light_blue_marble12_zpsvtgspyia.jpg This image shows the search tools available by clicking the Search link in the left frame of the message board. As you can see, you have many options for searching a Beehive forum.
photo light_blue_marble13_zpskpxop6rg.jpg This is the main links section of a Beehive forum. With some forum systems you have to give up a folder to share links, but with Beehive you get a whole section for it. Links are easily shared, sorted, and moderated. The message bar is a system message shown to anyone who who has link moderation permissions. Regular users do not see it.
photo light_blue_marble14_zps5rkrfmzn.jpg This is a PM Inbox. You can send private messages to other members, receive private messages from them, save drafts of future messages, save messages you want to keep, and even export them to your computer.
photo light_blue_marble15_zpsk5b3j7vm.jpg This is a look at a user control center. You can access your user controls by clicking on My Controls. In this area you find many helpful tools to personalize your Beehive forum experience.
photo light_blue_marble16_zpsjwksqosh.jpg This is the My Forums page. It allows you to see and access forums on the system. It also allows you to choose favorite forums, or ignore forums you don't want to see on your list. You can also search for forums on this page.

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