Inspired Theme

From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE)25 May 2017 18:02
To: DeannaG 1 of 10

Since I can't seem to figure out how to get this darned CSS to work, would you please create one for Inspired for me? I have the images I would like to use in my CoffeeCup.Com Webpage: (Main background, single image, not tiled nor repeated.) (Background for the left side of the Start and Message pages.) (Tabs and bars background.)

I also have my Start Page HTML in that folder, which I used white for both the borders and the text.

I'm in no hurry to have it done, but those are the images I was trying to use to do it. So, if you can create the theme for me...that would be awesome! If not, no sweat...I'll try to figure it out eventually. LOL Unfortunately, we're going into our busy time at work and my time online is very limited.

Thank you so very much either way!
From: DeannaG26 May 2017 17:59
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 2 of 10
If I don't get called into work, I'll get it rolled out this weekend.

From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE)29 May 2017 16:57
To: DeannaG 3 of 10
Awesome! Thank you so much D! You're amazing. :D
From: DeannaG 4 Jun 2017 13:48
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 4 of 10
I'll be finishing up your style today. I had started it and my computer died. I just got it back Saturday, but I will have it in the style listing for you to use by end of day.

Sorry about the delay.
From: DeannaG 4 Jun 2017 16:07
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 5 of 10
Inspired is up. You should look it over and see if there is any tweaking needed.
From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE)14 Jun 2017 22:27
To: DeannaG 6 of 10
No sweat, D! You didn't need to worry about finishing it quickly. LOL I've been so busy at work that I haven't had the chance to check in. I'm so sorry, I did not mean to rush you. I'll go take a look now, but I'm sure it's amazing!
From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE)14 Jun 2017 22:33
To: DeannaG 7 of 10
D, it looks fantastic! Thank you so much!

The only things I noticed was that the Start Page left is still basic, but I don't know if that is how it's supposed to be, or if the theme just isn't completely updated in the forum yet...and that I can't see the girl in the book background on the Message Page right. Could we possibly leave the actual posts the way they are, but put the same background as the Start Page on the Message Page right?

You rock! Thank you, thank you! :D
From: DeannaG15 Jun 2017 01:05
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 8 of 10
I took a few minutes and went through the style more thoroughly to see if there were anymore oddities. I think I got them all, but if you find any I missed let me know. :)

You're seeing the basic on the left because Beehive caches aggressively. Especially high content areas. It saves bandwidth on servers running Beehive sites.

You'll need to clear your browser cache and refresh the forum, then it should call for updated information and your style should show throughout the forum.

If it doesn't update after that, then you may need to clear your browser history too.

No need to apologize. I didn't feel rushed. I wanted to get it done for you. Training is really biting into my online time. Kinda sucks, but at least the paychecks are nice. Woohoo! I'll be so happy when it's over and maybe I'll get to settle into a regular schedule, at least when I'm not on call. :)
From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE)28 Jun 2017 22:58
To: DeannaG 9 of 10
No sweat! I appreciate all you do, and I certainly understand. Since we hit our busy season, I barely have time online either. Thank you so much!
From: DeannaG30 Jun 2017 19:14
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 10 of 10
You're quite welcome Hon.

Have a safe and happy holiday!