The Last Word

From: DeannaG17 Mar 2017 21:49
To: Si (SIFAN) 1 of 14
This is my house and TLW is mine too! HAHA!
From: DeannaG 4 Dec 2019 20:45
To: ALL2 of 14
Guess I've been holding on to TLW for a while now. Maybe we should buy a house together. :)
From: DeannaG 7 Dec 2019 23:57
To: ALL3 of 14
I guess no one wants TLW but me.

TLW and I are going for ice cream.
From: Jack (JACKROSE3) 9 Dec 2019 04:49
To: DeannaG 4 of 14
I want it.
*takes TLW and the ice cream*
From: DeannaG10 Dec 2019 01:40
To: Jack (JACKROSE3) 5 of 14

You can have the ice cream, but I'm taking TLW.

-grabs TLW and runs into the trees of a  nearby forest-
From: Jack (JACKROSE3)10 Dec 2019 17:36
To: DeannaG 6 of 14
*drops down from a tree dressed in all black and snatches TLW away before disappearing in a cloud of smoke*
Haha....the fat ninja strikes again!
From: DeannaG10 Dec 2019 22:19
To: Jack (JACKROSE3) 7 of 14
*Attacks the smoke with a portable shopvac. Exposes the fat ninja and reclaims TLW before running away deeper into the forest.*

Sometimes OCD is a good thing. lol
From: Jack (JACKROSE3)11 Dec 2019 06:25
To: DeannaG 8 of 14
Hey!  I worked hard to steal that.

*snatches TLW away with a lasso*
From: DeannaG15 Dec 2019 17:11
To: Jack (JACKROSE3) 9 of 14
*grabs the rope and ties up the fat ninja, leaves him dangling from a tree branch as she runs off with TLW*

And we're off again! lol
From: Jack (JACKROSE3)18 Dec 2019 05:23
To: DeannaG 10 of 14
*fat ninja becoms fat Jedi and takes TLW with the Force*

Now what did I do with that lightsaber?
From: DeannaG 4 Jan 2020 22:37
To: Jack (JACKROSE3) 11 of 14
*bops fat jedi with his own light saber, snatched TLW, and runs off into a thick fog bank*

Aha! It's mine!
From: DeannaG29 Oct 2020 22:50
To: Dominus Veritatus (ZAIGE) 12 of 14
You still kicking?
From: Dominus Veritatus (ZAIGE) 8 Apr 2021 10:44
To: DeannaG 13 of 14
From: DeannaG22 Apr 2021 18:30
To: Dominus Veritatus (ZAIGE) 14 of 14
Who you kicking, and are they squealing or screaming? lol