hi all

From: stormie (STORM_UNICORN)30 Jan 2019 23:09
To: Si (SIFAN) 1 of 4
hi all am a friend of sifan from Delphi thought i stop by here as saw link in a forum at Delphi i go by stormchild1 there but wanted storm_unicorn here as that was a nick i use to use a long time ago too my nick name is stormie has been for many years too hope to make new friends here too
love and hugs lily
From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE)14 Feb 2019 20:55
To: stormie (STORM_UNICORN) 2 of 4
Welcome Storm! :D
From: stormie (STORM_UNICORN)16 Feb 2019 23:26
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 3 of 4
thank you
From: DeannaG24 Mar 2019 03:25
To: stormie (STORM_UNICORN) 4 of 4

Sorry for the delay in greeting you. My part time / on call job is more like a full time / over time gig. On the downside, it really sucks up my time. However, on the upside, I get to make my house payments and keep this site and some others available for those who want to use them. :D

Feel free to run around and explore. This forums system is donation supported and volunteer run, so they'll be times when no one seems to be around for a while.

If you're looking for a place to host a forum or two, head over to the Site Information center. There is a folder there for forum requests, and information on the board about the forums and chats system this site uses. If you have any questions, just ask. If I'm not around, hopefully someone else can jump in and say a few words in answer. :) We're not fast, like big business, but at least we care.

I used to roam Delphi myself, as DarkPoet of Clan Drakulya, but I got tired of the way they treated some of their customers. So i pretty much bailed and opened this place for people.

Hope you enjoy your time among us. :)