Double LeTTer Game

From: DeannaG 4 Dec 2019 20:44
To: ALL1 of 73
Try to join the conversation with a sentence containing at least one word with double leTTers.

First sentence...

I heard the beaches in Florida are reaLLy suNNy.
From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 6 Dec 2019 00:08
To: DeannaG 2 of 73
FuNNy, I heard that tOO!
From: DeannaG 7 Dec 2019 07:29
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 3 of 73
I wish it wasn't so cOOl and chiLLy where I live, but I do love my mountains.
From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE)17 Dec 2019 23:26
To: DeannaG 4 of 73
ReaLLy? I love the Rocky Mountains tOO, but I loathe the cold, snowy chiLL.
From: DeannaG 4 Jan 2020 22:40
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 5 of 73
Our mountains are more gently sloped and roLLing, covered in thick trEEs, and good for hiking more than climbing.
From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE)27 Jan 2020 23:30
To: DeannaG 6 of 73
SwEEt! Ours are definitely peaks, and we have very high altitudes. FOOls will come here, party, drink bEEr, and caRRy on like they do normaLLy at home, and they usuaLLy end up getting altitude poisoning. The gaLL. They reaLLy should have hEEded our warnings.
From: DeannaG10 Feb 2020 18:21
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 7 of 73
I don't sEE me doing much hiking anymore. My legs are tOO bad. Old arthur has had his fun with them. Now they're shot.
From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE)24 Feb 2020 00:20
To: DeannaG 8 of 73
I totaLLy get it. I've got arthritis in my lower back which makes me fEEL fEEble.
From: DeannaG 7 Mar 2020 00:34
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 9 of 73
This geTTing old things reaLLy sucks. I say we don't do it anymore. Are you with me? lol
From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 7 Apr 2020 23:23
To: DeannaG 10 of 73
HELL yeah! :D
From: DeannaG 6 May 2020 17:21
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 11 of 73
We'LL just have to start a movement among our generation. No more growing old! lol
From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE)18 Oct 2020 22:32
To: DeannaG 12 of 73
LOL You're not kiddin'! I was finally able to get back into Beehive! I had to contact Microsoft and they went in, cleared somethin' out and reset somethin' else. Now I can get here again! Yay!
From: DeannaG21 Oct 2020 09:11
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 13 of 73
WeLL it's gOOd tOO sEE you again friend. How has life bEEn treating you this year?
From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE)25 Oct 2020 21:53
To: DeannaG 14 of 73
ShOOt! I forgot to capitalize the leTTers in my last post, didn't I?
From: DeannaG29 Oct 2020 00:01
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 15 of 73
Capitalizing, lets caLL them game leTTers, just helps draw aTTention to them. Some do it. Some don't. It's not a requirement. :)
From: kell (ALANKELL)15 Nov 2020 23:46
To: DeannaG 16 of 73
StiLL geTTing around ok, DeaNNa?  BEEn quite a while.
From: DeannaG21 Nov 2020 05:15
To: kell (ALANKELL) 17 of 73
I hear you. It's bEEn a tough year for a lot of folks it sEEms. Glad to sEE you're stiLL kicking Hon. I'm stiLL vertical. Might not be fast, but I'm stiLL standing. lol

How have you bEEn?
From: kell (ALANKELL)27 Nov 2020 05:49
To: DeannaG 18 of 73
BEEn doing ok, Poet.  Same old diFFiculties geTTing here.  I can sEE your email notifications but I can't foLLow the link in the email.  My best avenue is foLLowing a link found in Delphi at Memoirs of the Drakulya.

Situation normal - a liTTle weird.
From: DeannaG30 Nov 2020 07:01
To: kell (ALANKELL) 19 of 73
If you come to the site, you can click on the dropdown in the left frame of the meSSage board and chOOse 'Unread To Me' and it wiLL show you aLL meSSages you haven't read that are to you. You can also click on the My Forums tab and it wiLL show you aLL forums with meSSages in them that you haven't read yet.

We've got few bugs at the moment. We just went through a maSSive server update and upgrade, and now we're in the miDDle of updating the forums system to function properly on the new server system. Most of my online time has been at the work site trying to get things sorted back out for everyone.

I'm hoping to have it aLL done by end of year. I would have already had it done, but we have people out in our oFFice with Covid, and they're aLL fuLL timers. So the rest of us are scrambling to cover the shifts they won't be working until they can get cleared and come back to work.

I pulled 60 hours this past wEEk. My paycheck wiLL be nice, until Uncle Sam gets to diGGing at it.

Most of the time, I like being part time/on caLL, but sometimes it can be a pain and murder on my personal time when stuFF like this haPPens.
From: kell (ALANKELL)30 Nov 2020 08:58
To: DeannaG 20 of 73
Maybe so, but I can't even use the link in my email.  I think this iSSue has bEEn ongoing for years, but I'm not here very often anyway.

RegardleSS, aLL the best to you and yours, and I hope this next year is a liTTle kinder to us aLL.