Zombie apocalypse: Who gets more people killed?

From: DeannaG18 Aug 2020 22:44
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Zombie apocalypse: Who gets more people killed?

Spoiled brat who won't listen to anyone.: 1 Votes (33.33%)
Loud mouth who thinks they know everything.: 0 Votes (0.00%)
Hysterical person who is always losing it.: 0 Votes (0.00%)
Person who won't accept the new reality.: 1 Votes (33.33%)
A screamer. (Screams at virtually anything!): 0 Votes (0.00%)
Other: Who are they?: 1 Votes (33.33%)
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From: DeannaG18 Aug 2020 22:44
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In any zombie apocalypse there are a variety of people who survive the initial outbreak, then end up struggling to survive the aftermath of it. Not all of these people will survive, and some of them will die because of someone else.

Besides eventually themselves, who do you think gets more people killed in a zombie apocalypse?

I'm going with Spoiled brat who won't listen to anyone. Why? Because they not only endanger themselves, but also anyone who is with them. Most people instinctively want to protect a child in a dangerous situation, even a brat, and end up putting themselves in jeopardy. Something they might have otherwise avoided. Add to it, it's usually the spoiled brat's own doing for not listening to anyone.

Fortunately, not everyone raises spoiled brats. I can honestly say my spawn are not spoiled twits. In a dangerous situation, I'm very sure of their sensibility, and willingness to follow instruction for their own safety, as well as my grands.

Damn shame you can't say that about everyone's kids.
From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE)18 Oct 2020 22:34
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I vote Other: All of the above!
From: DeannaG21 Oct 2020 09:09
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 4 of 14
It's amazing just how many seemingly genetically predisposed to being stupid people there are in the world.

I'm surprised some of them manage to breath without suffering massive self inflicted injury. lol
From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE)25 Oct 2020 22:00
To: DeannaG 5 of 14
Well, haven't ya ever seen Idiocracy? It's pretty much a glimpse into humanity's future. Then that gives way for us to be food for stronger predators like the Eloi in The Time Machine. Think about it, the spoiled brat who won't listen to anyone may be anywhere between the second and second to last to get killed, dependin' on who they're listenin' to. Loud mouth who thinks they know everything is gonna get taken out by his/her own people because they're makin' too many mistakes, costin' too many lives, or they crossed the wrong person. Hysterical person who is always losing it won't be able to rationalize and therefor will be unprepared to deal with tactical decision makin' and resolution. Person who won't accept the new reality is livin' in a dream world and would likely walk right into the enemy's clutches. A screamer (Screams at virtually anything!) will be the first to die because they're a beacon to themselves. LOL
From: DeannaG28 Oct 2020 23:59
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 6 of 14
Yep. The whole race is in a sad state. People wonder why I say I want off this rock, and I wonder if they really have eyes and ears. Why do I want off this rock?


Stick my ass alone on a space station, a moon station, or on a ship heading out into deep space. As long as I have decent selection of books, videos, music, and few good PC games, I'm good to go and then some. If they can manage decent internet, that would be great, but I don't see that one working.

Sometimes I think humanity isn't a species. It's a STD. Just look at what our poor planet has had to put with from humanity in general. Some people care and try to do right by the planet, but most don't. I think our planet would be grateful for a zombie apocalypse, or anything else that would trim down human numbers drastically.

We either need to get more out into space and start actually setting other worlds, instead of just squabbling about it, or cut down the birth rate for the whole planet. The world wasn't made to support so many people, and the human population just keeps growing.
From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE)19 Nov 2020 22:56
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I've been sayin' that for years too. Unfortunately, everyone's tryin' their darnedest to destroy us. COVID-19, pollution, skyrocketing prices, obesity, and SO much more. All I can say is nature will find a way, and...


From: DeannaG21 Nov 2020 05:03
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 8 of 14
We need a good old fashion zombie apocalypse. If that don't sort things out, nothing ever will.

I might survive. I might not, but at least I wouldn't get chewed on for being pathetically stupid, like some of the characters I see in some the movies. They spend way too much time being sentimental and bawling like their diaper is wet.
From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 4 Dec 2020 22:26
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Oh, not me. I'd die a slow, horrible death bein' 'et up like an ol' pork bone. I haven't ran since high school and my only chance would be if I never ran outta bullets. LOL
From: DeannaG31 Dec 2020 11:02
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 10 of 14
I'm not a runner either. Old arthritis has completely chewed up my legs, but my brain is good. Given the chance, I think I could outsmart a zombie. Get up high somewhere and keep quiet. Let them pass and move on to noisier prey. If they don't see or hear me, might give me a chance. Could even try camouflage. Make yourself up to look like one of them, then play act your way to safety. Just hope some fool with a gun doesn't shoot you.
From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 1 Feb 2021 22:14
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LOL Yep, I could see either route havin' it's risks. Be like poor Bill Murray in Zombieland.
From: DeannaG 6 Feb 2021 23:55
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 12 of 14
I may not be fast, but I don't think that will right me off completely. Young people think they have all the advantages, until they start yelling and drawing attention to themselves. Being older tends to mean fewer freaks out, at least from what I've seen with the people I know. We old folks tend to take a minute and try to think things through better.
From: Dominus Veritatus (ZAIGE) 7 Apr 2021 20:33
To: DeannaG 13 of 14
My (late) vote is:

The charismatic but otherwise underqualified person(s) who attempts to to seize control and create an empire for themselves amidst the confusion.

They make a series of 'calculated risks', and they cull those individuals they feel 'have no place in the new world', but they inadvertently cull those individuals who merely piss them off or who they have the most difficult time getting along with. The community is momentarily reassured, continues to drink the underqualified Leader's guidance kool-aid, and blame - as instructed to - those who were culled for any hardships the community (or communities) may endure.

But eventually, after the body count has reached staggering highs, people realize all too late that they placed their lot in with the wrong leader(s) and had a hand in what might eventually prove the end of mankind.

Insert "Five Stages of Grief" (and all the drama that ensues from everybody going through it and most handling it poorly), and in the end they die off, giving way to those individuals who found a way to resolve their differences without destroying themselves from the inside out.
From: DeannaG22 Apr 2021 18:25
To: Dominus Veritatus (ZAIGE) 14 of 14
That is a lot of planning. Most people are too lazy to make that much effort. They just tend to lose it or blame someone else for all their woes.

But it is an interesting idea. Kind of a Jim Jones kind of vibe.