TWD: Where next?

From: DeannaG18 Aug 2020 22:52
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Where would you like to see TWD next?

New York City: 1 Votes (100.00%)
Chicago: 0 Votes (0.00%)
Miami: 0 Votes (0.00%)
Washington D.C.: 0 Votes (0.00%)
New Orleans: 0 Votes (0.00%)
London: 0 Votes (0.00%)
Paris: 0 Votes (0.00%)
Tokya: 0 Votes (0.00%)
Moscow: 0 Votes (0.00%)
Rome: 0 Votes (0.00%)
Hong Kong: 0 Votes (0.00%)
Someplace else? Tell us! :): 0 Votes (0.00%)
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From: DeannaG18 Aug 2020 22:52
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We've seen The Walking Dead in Atlanta and in Los Angeles, and just out wherever, but there are more cities than these two.

I realize TWD may be coming to end, but hey that doesn't mean we can't speculate about what might have been if it had continued.

Wouldn't you like to see them somewhere else?

Any of the places listed could be cool, but I think the Hawaiian islands would be awesome. Can you image watching zombies walk themselves into volcanoes and lava flows? lol

Or, what about Miami and the Everglades?

Gator, python, or zombie, who wins?

Can you see a python trying to squeeze the life out of a zombie, or a gator trying to death roll one?