Dead Rising: End Game

From: DeannaG27 Aug 2020 23:03
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Dead Rising: End Game

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From: DeannaG27 Aug 2020 23:03
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Just watched Dead Rising: Endgame, and I gotta say I wasn't all that impressed. It was okay for a zombie flick, but I've seen better. The apocalyptic city set was cool. I wouldn't mind exploring such a place, but just about everything else in the movie was lacking.

Jesse Metcalfe, Chase, really needs to find another job. As an actor, he really and truly sucks. I can't act either. So I'm smart enough not to do it. This guy strikes me as a real idiot. He played this same character in Dead Rising: Watchtower too, and did equally as bad. At least he's consistent, he really sucks. I really can't understand how this guy keeps finding work. Hollywood must be cheap hooker-paying desperate to keep hiring this guy for stuff.

I have to say I was pained to see Marie Avgeropoulos, character Sandra, in this one. I've been watching her in The 100 and she's really rocking Octavia. She seriously owns that part. Watching her trying to play along with Metcalfe was painful. She's so much better at acting than he is, and it really sucks for her to be saddled with such a loser as her leading man. If anyone comes to her to work with him again, she should kick someone in the balls or box, whichever fits the situation.

Jordan, Keegan Connor Tracy, was a bad character, and Keegan played her pretty well. She was also in the last movie in this series with Metcalfe, and I can't understand why she bothered. I would say neither movie was a good fit for her, but she at least appeared to be giving it an honest go. Despite being weighed down with dead weight like Metcalfe. He should've been a zombie, and killed off fast. Like less than a minute into it all.

I can see Keegan in more serious roles, such as drama and real life stories, but she doesn't fit well into the zombie niche. She might fit into a post apocalyptic movie or show without monsters or zombies. I can even see her doing westerns or pioneer films. I think she would be good at these too, but not zombie or monsters.

My overall opinion on this one is the city would be cool to explore, and the wardrobe was decent, but the script wasn't great. As for makeup, whoever did the zombies for this one needs to go work at a circus and stay away from movies or television. Someone should also give casting a good talking to about their choices.

Seriously! Metcalfe is bad enough, but Dennis Haysbert - the Allstate guy! SERIOUSLY?

Dennis might be good for some things, but zombie movies is not one of them. He was good in 24 and The Unit, but he seriously needs to stay away from zombies. He might possibly do good in space or in westerns. I could see him aboard a spaceship or out west. I could even see him doing historical dramas. I think he'd be really good at them, but no more zombies Dennis. Dude! You're killing me, and probably your career too.

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