Zombie Night (2013)

From: DeannaG28 Sep 2020 23:59
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Okay I started watching this disaster on TubiTV, and let me tell you I wish I hadn't. Zombie movies are notorious for being overstocked with a large amount of the stupids, but this is one of those that was completely overdosed with it. I couldn't stand to watch more than the first ten minutes before I wanted to run screaming from the room and hurl.

Let us begin with Anthony Michael Hall. I've seen this actor in a number of things over the years and he usually does at least pretty good, if not better. From what I saw in his movie I wasn't impressed. Even he couldn't hold up this piece of absolute garbage. Even when he put forth a good effort and might have pulled off what he seemed to be trying to do, one of the people he was working with would completely kill it. He should have pulled out a machete and started hacking away at his support staff, instead of the zombies. The only reasons I can figure AMH would be doing a movie as bad as this one is he was either completely bored out of his mind and needed something to occupy his time, and being slowly tortured to death was unavailable, or he suffered a massive head injury.

As for the rest of what I could stand to watch, I can't say enough bad things about it. I can't even count the number of brain cells I sacrificed struggling to watch this foul offering. The special effects and zombie makeup looked like a three year old had splattered finger paint and runny playdoh all over the place, and the goo effects were too lame to even be laughable. Add to it all, that whoever wrote the script for this thing should've been drawn and quartered.

Calling this movie garbage is an insult to maggot infested garbage everywhere. Do yourself a favor. Avoid this film and go watch something else. Even something cheesy would be better than this one.

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