My New Car

From: DeannaG10 May 2021 16:47
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Well it's official. My 2006 Ford Escape is parked and I'm the new owner of a 2012 CR V EX-L.

This is what I bought at Bobby Rahal Toyota in Lewistown, Pa.

Haven't figured out a name for her yet. We're still getting to know each other.
From: kell (ALANKELL)22 May 2021 04:00
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Congratulations, Deanna.  I have a 2012 CRV as well, very similar body style and close to the color you posted.  Very happy with mine to this point.
From: DeannaG30 May 2021 18:48
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Thanks. I would have rather stayed with my escape, but with her frame gone that wasn't an option. Apparently that is something you just can't fix, not properly at any rate. Even if you could, I'm told it wouldn't be worth it.

Finally figured out a name for the new one. I'm calling her Queen, because she's a fancy ass bitch. lol

So far I'm happy with her. She was the cheapest I could find in my area for a SUV. Little more than I wanted to spend, but considering all I got with her, worth it.
From: kell (ALANKELL)31 May 2021 03:45
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I'm not current with most of the technological advances made for my Honda, but I have tried to take advantage of a couple things...

I've paired my car with my phone, giving me phone access in my car.  Essentially, I've turned my car into a big rolling telephone...the Bluetooth capabilities allow me hands-free access.  I almost never initiate phone calls when I'm rolling, but I can remain in touch without fumbling with the phone.  Usually, I keep my phone in a front pocket, which is beneath my seatbelt...Bluetooth simplifies things.

I don't like talking while driving.  I've found I don't multitask well.  For me, it's not what my hands are doing while I'm on the's what my head is doing.  If I'm busy talking, I'm not driving well, and now that I've figured that out, I try to be careful.  Usually I answer the phone and find a place to park.

Bluetooth capability also allows me access to Pandora Radio.  My phone is new enough (and probably has enough memory) to let me listen to a station anywhere I go.  Right now the Pandora app on my phone is tuned to Andy Summers.

I also load an 8-gig flash drive with music and plug it into the car.  Actually, I have several flash drives, each with a different flavor of music.  

Finally, I carry a collection of hand-burned music CDs with me.  God forbid I ever have to rely on the car's radio for anything...

I haven't named either of our cars yet...funny, because my mom named every car the family ever had.  Might have to think about that.
From: DeannaG 2 Jul 2021 04:48
To: kell (ALANKELL) 5 of 7
Yeah, mine has a bunch of fancy entertainment stuff too, but I haven't ventured beyond the CD player. As far as radio around here, anyone who uses it is a glutton for punishment. The three stations you can get really and truly suck.

I don't talk and drive either. My phone gets turned off for work, sleeping, driving, and if I'm doing something important and don't want to be disturbed.

Eventually I'll figure out more with the car, but I'm not in any hurry. Too many more important things going on in life at this time. August my daughter graduates from nursing school, and we're already getting ready for the graduation celebration.
From: kell (ALANKELL) 3 Jul 2021 01:49
To: DeannaG 6 of 7
No rush.  My wife has owned her Honda over 10 years and hasn't used her Bluetooth capabilities yet.  I did make some flash drives for her, though.

Congratulations to your daughter.  She's taken some very big steps and sounds like she is ready for more.
From: DeannaG21 Jul 2021 10:37
To: kell (ALANKELL) 7 of 7
I hear you. As long as I have CDs I like, the rest isn't that important to me.

She works in the ICCU as a desk clerk right now, but they've already offered her a position as a RN after graduation in the ICCU and she's accepted. She's really happy about it. She loves where she's at and really didn't want to transfer to another unit. She'll get to keep working with all her friends. :)