Livingroom Finally Done!

From: DeannaG30 May 21:57
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Well my new livingroom is done, and here it is folks.

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Below was the first version of my DVD storage and display setup. As the project progressed I divided things up between the tall tan wall unit and two black wall units. I placed the black units on the opposite side of the room to double as accent pieces for the general decor of the room. The tan one holds only singles, while the black units above hold sets, series, and collections. If I should need more space, which eventually I will, I still have two of the small natural wood units you see below in the picture.

Next on my hit list is a new craft and sewing room in the back of the house. :)
From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE)13 Jun 22:24
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From: DeannaG 2 Jul 04:37
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I'm happy with it. :)

I got the craft/sewing/art room done too. I'll have to get some pics up of it.

I'm still working on the home gym in the basement. Damn cement floor just refuses to get clean. I've lost track of how many times I've mopped it. I'm beginning to wonder if that powder like stuff is just something you have to put up with on that kind of floor. If that's the case, I'll put the carpet down and start getting that room set up.