DeannaG's DVD Collection

From: DeannaG30 Mar 08:50
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I'm in the process of taking down the DVD index I've had on my person website. It's getting a bit cumbersome to work on, and it will be easier for me to manage if I put it in my forum instead. As I have over 1700 titles, you can imagine why I'm looking for an easier and better way to manage it.

I keep a listing of my DVDs for myself, and for those few I actually trust enough to let borrow them, as well as those who are just interested in seeing what I have in my collection.

In this index, those titles that begin with a number have a separate thread of their own, and each letter of the alphabet has it's own thread.

Clicking on a movie title link will open a new window. Most links will take you to that movie's or TV show's listing in the IMDB.

I may add other threads to make searching a bit easier, such as if someone is looking for a series or mini-series I may create a thread for those types of shows/movies.

I may even create threads for particular genres, but we'll see. Right now I'm just concerned with making things a bit easier for me to manage.