DVD Collection

From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 2 May 22:14
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In response to DVD Collection (Because I couldn't reply to the thread)

Wow! I'm almost up there with ya. I've never actually counted all of mine, but I did catalogue them a long time ago. LOL I sell my DVDs as I get them on Vudu, so if there's any ya need/want once I've got them on the cloud, hit me up!

From: DeannaG 5 May 15:43
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 2 of 2
I'm the same way with DVDs as I am books. I like to actually have the DVD itself. If I can't actually find it in physical format, if I really want to see it, I'll watch it online, but otherwise I prefer to have a physical copy.

I'm the same with books. I prefer to have the book in my hand. For some reason I just love holding the book, turning the pages, the feel and smell of it.

I had to create an index so I wouldn't end up with a bunch of repeats. I get annoyed when that happens. Like when I get something that has a bunch of movies in it and find out I already have most of them. One or two, not so bad, but over half annoys me. I do have some repeats from buying such sets, but not many. The index helps keep me straight. :)