Hi, Deanna!

From: Si (SIFAN) 5 Apr 2017 06:35
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Best wishes for your new forum.

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From: DeannaG 5 Apr 2017 06:37
To: Si (SIFAN) 2 of 4
Thanks Hon.

I'm almost done moving. One location will make things a lot easier for me.

Have you been over to your forum and made sure everything is okay for you?

I'm in chat if you're looking for me.
From: Si (SIFAN) 6 Apr 2017 06:05
To: DeannaG 3 of 4
For sure, one place to handle most discussions is a good idea.

I have visited my new Beehive forum! Nice format. Should eventually come up with something to put there.

By the way, the lighter, simpler look here should be be good for encouraging discussions. Plus, most sigs are designed to work best on a white background.

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From: DeannaG 7 Apr 2017 03:12
To: Si (SIFAN) 4 of 4
Well it's your forum Hon. You can choose any style you want, have someone make one for you, or do one up yourself. :)

I've started work on an information forum for people, and one of the things I'll be handling there is styling.

I look forward to seeing how your place comes along.

Had a good chat with Mountain Rose last night. Maybe one night we'll catch each other and get to visit a while. :)