Alien Virus Apocalypse

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(It's a global situation, but our game happens in the USA.)

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Not a rule, but we'd all like it if you try to be at least somewhat original. Instead of copying a movie, TV show, book, or comic all the time.

This is how human civilization ended. Fevered, in pain, and puking it's guts out..., but not all died. The infected walk the world. They feed on all that lives. You want to survive? Run fast, hide well, or fight with whatever you can use!

This was the beginning....

In October of 2014 a meteor shower fell to Earth. It was the light show of a lifetime. Grand celebrations of this natural phenomenon  took place with assurance from world scientists that even those particles reaching the ground would be too small to cause any harm. They told the people there would be nothing more than a sprinkling of ash, and so the world turned out to watch the spectacle.

However, unknown to all, some meteors carried a virus. As the small meteors were vaporized by Earth's atmosphere, it escaped into the air. Peppering small areas of the planet. A few days later, things began to change in the world.

People who had breathed in the ash began to get sick. The sickness spread quickly where is appeared. Hospitals and makeshift clinics overflowed with fevered victims. Most died, but not all, and those who didn't die were no longer human, and dangerous.

The human population found itself susceptible to the virus in two ways. First, by direct contact from breathing in the ash. The second was by being bitten by an infected.

After the first outbreaks scientists soon learned it created different types of infected, and only humans were susceptible to infection. If no people were near an infected area, the virus died quickly, and the drier the area the faster it died. Even in wet areas it only survived 3 or 4 hours without a host. They thought this short lifespan outside the body was a sign of hope. They were wrong.

The first infected are named shufflers.  They're slow and clumsy, seem drunk or asleep, and wander in small packs. The skin is blotchy, pale grey, and the eyes a milky white. They're ambush predators, very strong, but don't seem very intelligent. It's believed they hunt by scent and sound, and may be blind.

The next are called speeders. Usually solitary and very fast, but not strong. They prefer to run down prey, until it's too weak and exhausted to fight back. The skin is a mottled, pale green, and the eyes black. These are the most violent. They hunt by sight and scent. They don't hunt at night. It's believed they can't see in the dark, or fear the nocturns.

Then, came the nocturns. The skin a dark, scaly-looking grey and hairless. They hunt at night, and bright light is painful. They're fast and strong, pack hunters, and the only infected to keep dens. They attack all not of their own pack. They use a series or ticks and clicks, echolocation, to show them their surroundings. It's suspected the sounds may even allow them to see through some materials.

All infected are hunters and meat eaters, and don't appear to breed or age. However, they heal quickly. Killing an infected means removing the head and burning it. If it isn't, it may be reattached to the body, and the infected may heal.

Stumblers and speeders will move around during the day, but seek shelter at night. Nocturns never come out in the day. Even a cloudy day is too much light for them. All infected avoid water. It burns their skin. Even a heavy fog will make them seek shelter.

Only about half of 1% of the human population remains clean. Mankind is finding out what it means to be prey. Will humanity survive? Only time knows the answer.