Beehive Styles Forum

From: DeannaG26 Jan 2017 20:22
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This forum's focus is the display of Beehive forum styles and ease of access for those who want them.

If you use a Beehive style created by one of 'our' stylers, it will show the forum name in the header. At this time, Beehive's default styles don't, nor do we guarantee ones created by others will either.

Style Display Rules
1. No nudity or adult content images can be used for any style displayed in this forum.
2. You must display at least six screenshots of Beehive forum areas. Thumbnails linking to larger images is recommended.
3. Your styles must be compatible with the latest versions of Beehive Forum, or you must provide modifications, including download and installation instructions.
4. You must provide support for your creations and keep them up to date.
5. All images and files must be stored off site for display and download.

Be sure to visit the
Beehive Forum Wiki at Beehive Forum's GitHub site. It holds a lot of useful information for anyone using Beehive or Beehive's version of Ajax Chat.

Forum Rules of Conduct
Treat everyone with respect. If you don't want contact with someone, use the ignore feature and you won't know they're around.

The person making the post is solely responsible for it's content.

Respect the creative rights of others. Don't use things you don't have permission to use.

No nudity.
No cussing, adult, or foul language. This isn't that kind of forum.

If you're having a problem with someone, notify staff and they'll look into it and take appropriate action.

Signatures have been disabled in this forum to cut down on board clutter. The provided screenshots are the focus of the display settings here.