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From: DeannaG26 Jan 2017 20:51
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Welcome to our Our Cozy Kitchen!
This is a place for us to share some of our domestic wisdom, tips, tricks, and recipes.

We share not only our own recipes, but others too. We do ask that if you post another person's recipe, give them credit. We also ask, that if you try a recipe posted here, let everyone know if you liked it or not. If you did something different with it, share it for someone else to try too. :)

The next thing you should know is this is an open forum. Anyone may enter, read, and if registered, post.

Our rules are simple and easy to follow.

Treat everyone as you wish to be treated.
>> Remember: It's much easier to be nice, then to fix a broken bridge. :)
No adult content of any kind.
>> We aim to be kid friendly.
Don't bring problems in or out of this forum.
>> This is a flame and real life drama free forum.
Don't post things you don't have permission to post.
>> Always get permission from the original owner for anything you post of theirs, and give them proper credit.

Well, now that you have the basic run down of the place. lets try to enjoy ourselves!

Shall we? :)