Night Tribes

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(Rating: R, Minimum age 21)
Night Tribes
From the beginning we have been among you. Those born of the darkness. Our ancestors, pure-blood demons of flesh and desire.

They ruled the world, preyed on the animals who would become man, and partook in the first joining. They left this world as our playground, hunting ground, and returned to the depths.

We are the descendants of their half-breed children.

From the time you crawled from your caves, we have been here.

In the shadows. Learning to prey on you as those before us.

You see us, and yet . . . you see nothing!

Like the world we call home, we have grown and evolved over generations. Whether lycan or vampyre, we have always been, are, and always 'will' be . . . among you.

We are the hunters . . . We are the Night Tribes!

-Things To Know-
Respect each other and staff.
-We're all here to have fun.

-A******* get s*** kicked out the door.

-Adults are fair game for whatever.

Vampyre vs Vampire for here.
-Vampyre: At least 500 years old and voted to status by their conclave leaders.
-Vampire: Newly embraced to 500, or older but never voted to Vampyre status by their conclave leaders.

If you have a problem with someone, settle it off the board.
-There are PM  and email feature available.
-If you can't sort it out, you can always put each other on ignore.

All gaming folders are restricted access, but this doesn't make them a free zone for bad porn.
-Write and play well, and earn respect.

Remember: This is a horror RPGaming forum.
-Cry babies and whiners are not welcome.
-Neither are real life drama addicts.

-Forum Play Areas-
Life can be a dangerous venture, but even more so when the sun goes down and darkness claims the world. What you can't, don't, or won't see can be much more dangerous than what you do.
Heavily guarded and fortified, hunter strongholds are places of great importance in the human communities fortunate enough to have one. They offer protection and shelter to the community, and a place for hunters passing through to rest for a time before moving on in their never ending task of ridding the world of the night tribes.
Lycans are one of the most savage species to prowl the night. They yearn for the freedom of open country and deep woods as much as they crave the taste of fresh blood and meat. Even the most brazen of hunters are prone to think twice about violating a lycan den.
Around the world the vampyre nations have established conclaves. These conclaves serve them in many ways. Be it a place to rest, shelter from hunters, or anything else they may need or desire. They're extremely well hidden, and very few have ever been found without a direct invitation from those in charge of the conclave.