Realms of Black Lake

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Lost long ago there came a time when a great cataclysm shook the very soul of the Earth. It was then a titan of an island was cast far beyond the borders of the natural world order. The realms it held suffered greatly, before things settled to allow life to resume at a more normal pace for the people and creatures who call them home.

From that time forward these realms have been and will be forever trapped in an ancient time. Lands where knights still do battle. Users of magic still ply their trade. Elves and dwarfs still roam mountain and woodland. These lost kingdoms of old are still home to both the natural and supernatural. They're the lost Realms of Black Lake.

Storytellers have long told tales of vast forests and grasslands, perilous mountains and caverns, haunted dungeons and ruins, and a lake of black water spanning miles of a mystical landscape. There, in those fruitful realms, live many strange creatures. It has been rumored the land itself is nature’s laboratory. A place of invention.

Only one gateway has ever been found to these realms. A ruined, sacred temple to the lost gods. Rumor claims it's located somewhere in the far southern oceans. It's white, marble pillars stand silently in a great cavern. Hidden deep below a single peak rising above icy waters. The power of the gateway itself is held between those pillars, beneath the mountain, and surrounded by storm stricken waters.

Adventurers, and those seeking riches, have sought this hidden gateway now and again. Hoping to find these realms they have heard stories of all their lives. They seek lost treasures, high adventure, and the power of the ancients. All through the generations the land has claimed many, and returned none.

Their tales are always the same in the beginning. They approach and the gateway opens to claim them. It draws all nearby into it's grip. Then, an instant later, they find themselves cast from the cold, black waters of the lake.

There they collapse on the sandy shores of Weeping Winds Isle. Gasping as they take their first look at their new home. Struggling for some idea of where exactly they are in these mysterious lands. Behind them, the chill waters from which they came. . .still.

They are left far from the life they knew. They have passed through the gateway and survived. They have reached the Realms of Black Lake.

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