Shadow Knights: Reign of Blood

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When the first battles began no one quite knew what to make of the situation. What were these creatures who seemed Hell bent on not only destroying each other, but any human who got in their way as well? They seemed to be of myth and legend, but there were differences.

The ones who became known as vampires ate food and walked around in the day. The ones of legend and myth did neither. However, they did feed on blood, aged very slowly, and were incredibly strong and fast. They also did something else which shocked humans.

They increased their numbers by not only infecting humans, but by breeding. Infected humans couldn't breed. Nor could vampires breed outside their own species, but within it, they did so easily.

Scientists discovered a vampire pregnancy was similar to a human's, but their offspring matured in seven years. These vampires were not those of legend. They were different, but just as brutal.

Other creatures came to be called lycan for their semblance to those legends and stories, and they were also different.

They didn't create new lycan from infecting humans. Their females bore young. A female could birth up to four pups in a litter. However, their life span was similar to a human's. They didn't live as long as their vampire foe, but they reproduced more quickly, and in larger numbers. And, like their vampire foe, they too couldn't breed outside of their own species.

Something scientists discovered was the old stories of these creatures were just that, old stories. They could be damaged, but the damage had to be severe to keep them down. Any vampire or lycan damaged enough to keep them down long enough had to be beheaded and burned to ash. The ash was placed in canisters and taken away by government scientists for study.

Humanity has found itself caught between two races that have warred since their very beginnings. He has few effective weapons, and often isn't sure where to aim. Who can tell? Especially when the enemy often looks the same as the people you're trying to protect.

Within the first year of the war, a new group of defenders for humanity was created, Shadow Knights. They fight to preserve humankind against extinction. Hunters of both vampire and lycan. World government funded and secretive, they go into the darkness and fight where no one else can or will.

Most of civilization is in ruins from the war, but there are still places where safety can be found. Places defended by the Shadow Knights.

This is our world.

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