Isles of Elandria

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Isles Of Elandria
Elandria is a medieval world covered by vast, blue-green, shallow oceans, countless islands of various sizes and types, and ever-shifting ice at it's most northern and southern zones. It's a place of natural magics and ancient cultures, and home to numerous water and amphibious races.
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Live Play Areas
Polar Regions
Few Elandrian peoples live in the polar regions of the planet. The ice is ever-shifting, and because of it, extremely difficult to navigate. Usually only nomadic communities of hunters looking for difficult to find animals are willing to risk traveling in these regions.

Subtropical Regions
The islands located between the polar and tropical regions are blessed with fairly mild climates, even during their winter season. They don't usually get overwhelming amounts of snow and rain. Many of these islands are ideal for growing land based food, and have been settled for many generations.

Tropical Regions
Most of the tropical islands are covered with thick jungles, and home to some of the more exotic creatures inhabiting this world. Their climate is very hot and humid year round, and they receive heavy rain almost daily. They tend to be favorite homes for many of Elandria's amphibious peoples.

Beneath The Waves
Not all intelligent life on Elandria is found above the water. As would be expected on a water world, many creatures live below the water's surface. Many of the citizens of these settlements spend their entire lives below water with no desire to breathe air as others.

On The Water
Over generations Elandrians have not only settled on many of her islands and ocean bottoms, but have also learned to live on the water itself. These sturdy, individual or community homes are designed to ride the waves, and can even be lashed together to form temporary, nameless trading centers or villages on the water.