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From: DeannaG26 Aug 2018 21:54
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From an email I received recently, and it's not the first one like it, I'm thinking there is some confusion on some points about BeehiveForum.US and what services it provides. So I'm going to clear some things up for those who may be unsure.

BeehiveForum.US provides free hosting for forums and chat rooms using Matt Beale's Beehive Forum software and Beehive's version of Blue Imp's Ajax Chat. We give you the real estate and the tools to build your forum and chat community. The rest is up to you.

On request, a forum style designer and creator may help you decorate your forum, but that is all. Please be advised any style created for a forum on a Beehive system can be used by all forums on the system. There is currently no style feature for Beehive Forum software allowing forum style exclusivity. Some people don't care about this, however some do care about it. Best to get it out there right from the start.

Neither this site, nor it's staff, provides advertisement outside this site for the forums or chat rooms hosted here, or any events they may hold. Each forum owner and their staff are responsible for attracting traffic to their own forum, it's chats, and events. There is a forum on this system for individual forum owners and their staff to place promotions for events happening in their personal forums and chat rooms.

We don't provide forum moderation or policing for individual forums or chat rooms. If something about the forum or chat room violates the main site, or forum system's, Terms of Service the forum owner will be notified and given a chance to correct the situation. Individual forum and chat moderation and policing are the responsibility of the individual forum and/or chat room owner and their staff.

Yes. There are advertisements run in these forums, but not many. They're on the message board after every ninth message, and may occasionally appear in the header up top to the right, or possibly on a page added to the system from time to time. However, unlike many free for use websites, they're not just slapped all over everything everywhere.

Also, the advertisements shown at BeehiveForum.US and it's forums and chats system are carefully screened for dangerous and/or inappropriate content. This being said, please Mr. PornKing and Mrs. PornQueen, don't send us any more offers of boosting site traffic by allowing your crap to be displayed at BeehiveForum.US, or on it's forums and chat. Never going to happen.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion.
Have a great day!  :-)