The Kingdom of Atheria

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THE KINGDOM OF ATHERIA (Previously Dirthavaren, Ruled by Tahl) is a vast island Kingdom, with only one narrow land bridge connecting it to the mainland. This, of course, makes it quite isolated. This solitude gives the Kingdom just as much of a disadvantage in battle as it does an advantage...for there is only one way in, and one way out. Thus, a new fortress, created to be impenetrable, had been built under the leadership of Atheria's first King, Magnus...of the Warwick Clan (Colin's Grandfather, 3 Generations Prior).

Magnus was a great man, conqueror, and explorer. When he came to this savage country, 138 years prior, he laid siege to the land, and took the present Queen as his wife. Yvette had not fought, nor did she truly mind the change of power. Being the last of the Dirthavaren Clan, she had been prey to all who sought to claim her Father's throne. Magnus had been the answer to her prayers, and he was a great King.

Sadly, Magnus passed away at only 58 years of age, leaving his wife and only heir to assume command. His son, Colin, had been but 7 years of age at the time. As the years passed, Yvette followed Magnus in death, and Colin was left to lead Atheria and her peoples. Quinn wedded and bedded a young hellcat by the name of Talitha, and together, they produced Quinn. Quinn grew into his role quickly, as both of his parents passed at the age of 60. Talitha had fallen ill, and when she died, Colin had perished of a broken heart...unable to go on without his other half. Quinn had only been 12 at the time of his parent's eternal slumber, but he was taken under the wing of Atheria's General and offered proper tutelage in the art of defense and strategy. On his 16th year, Quinn was crowned King. However, he took role as General of Atheria's armies when his mentor died. Thus, the King of Atheria is a myth for all intents and purposes...though he is ever present.

The Kingdom itself, was named after an ancient legend. The lore spoke of a young, heathen Princess who had been cursed by a witch's spell, but the true details of the story have long been lost, or exaggerated until they no longer reflected the original tale.

Atheria had put idol within an ever youthful statue that had rested upon a cliff overhang, high on a mountain overlooking the Kingdom. The people had come to believe the Stone Goddess was their least until it crumbled to dust one fateful day...

Royalty In The Kingdom Of Atheria

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KING: Quinn Colin Magnus Warwick
PRINCESS: Athera of Dirthavaren {Thought to have died long, long ago. It was her lineage that the Warwick Clan conquered, taking claim of Atheria.}
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