From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 6 May 2021 21:10
To: DeannaG 1 of 5
Hey D, I can't get into Deanna's Digs, Beehive Styles Forum, BeehiveForums.US Site Information Forum, nor Beehive Forum Site Promotions. They are all sayin' "Error Your user account needs to be approved by a forum admin before you can access the requested forum."

I just went back and checked, I can't get into any forum but my own. O_o
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From: DeannaG 6 May 2021 23:50
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 2 of 5
I'm contacting the developer. I found an issue in the main Admin controls for the main system as well, and I don't understand what I'm looking at in the error log. Hopefully, he'll get back to me quickly and help me sort it out.
From: DeannaG17 May 2021 20:42
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 3 of 5
Check it now and let me know. We did some work to the back end. There was a php version update we believe is responsible. As we have time, I'll be going over the back end of things with the Beehive developer to try and make sure things are working okay.
From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE)23 May 2021 19:19
To: DeannaG 4 of 5
Yep! It seems back to normal now. Thank ya! :D
From: DeannaG30 May 2021 17:23
To: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE) 5 of 5
You're welcome. :)