From: DeannaG26 Oct 2016 02:39
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Welcome to Our Cozy Kitchen!

This place is for all of us to share our domestic experience, the joys and sorrows of our lives, and hang out together in a safe space.

Provided they follow the rules of our forum, both in the forum and in chat, we welcome all.

Always remember that - It's much easier to be nice, than to fix a broken bridge.

The meaning of this is simple. We see each friendship in a person's life as a bridge that can help them to reach goals. Even if the goal is simply to have a new friend,  which is one of the best goals. :)

When you first visit the forum, please take a few minutes to fill out your profile, then say Hello in the Around The Table Chat folder. It's always nice to know a little bit about the person you're socializing and sharing with, even if it's only online.

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