From: jacks14 Jan 2017 00:51
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Welcome to our game!

Please read our entry page.


If you're not at least 21, then you need to go elsewhere until you are at least 21.
If you offend easily, then you also need to go elsewhere.
We like people with a healthy sense of humor and a thick skin.

There will be adult language.
There will be adult content.
There will be violence

There will not be pornographic pictures.
There will not be child sex.
There will not be bestiality.

Lycans here don't go full wolf. They get really hairy and wolf-like. If you need a visual, watch The Howling from 1981. I think it might be on You Tube, maybe.

Vampires here don't turn into bats, aren't allergic to garlic, don't get burned by holy water or silver, and don't burst into flames in a church or in sunlight.

Humans are, well humans. What's to say?

There are no aliens, X-Men, or any of that type of thing here.

After you have a character approved, you'll get access as a 'proby' to other folders you currently can't see. Probies are new players proving themselves. If they prove to be a problem, we take'em out. If they don't, eventually they become a real member. Yea for them!

Anyone can open the chat room, but if a mod or admin isn't on hand, you're on your own. We don't police rooms opened by others when we're not around.
From: Mountain Rose (MTN_ROSE)12 Apr 2017 01:56
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Definitely sounds like fun! What's the time frame? Is the time setting modern, or is this the distant future?
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