Game & Forum Rules

From: jacks 6 Mar 2017 06:04
To: ALL1 of 1
-Our Rules-
1. Stay In Character in play areas. We have an Out Of Character area for other stuff.
2. Respect all. Everyone is here to have fun.
3. Keep your real life drama out of this forum.
4. No baby rapers! Sex happens, but not all the time, and NEVER needs to involve kids. Also, no aliens.
5. This isn't a dating or singles forum.
6. No cross posting between forums or websites.
7. Respect copyrights. Before using something, get permission, and give credit.
8. Characters must be approved before you play.
9.You're responsible for your posts, to be aware of these rules, any updates to them, and to follow them if you want to play.
10. HAVE FUN!!! :D

Not a rule, but we'd all like it if you try to be at least somewhat original.