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After the Fall
The world has changed. Ever since the sky rained fire and stone. Life on Earth isn't as it was, nor will it ever be again.

Even after the fire rain stopped, nuclear winter killed millions. More die every day. Disease. Famine. Murder, and worse, are everywhere. Fresh water and clean land don't exist in many areas. People never truly knew just how uncivilized life could be, until civilization no longer existed. Now most wish they'd never learned.

With the loss of man-made electricity, the dark ages have returned, and the cannies have become the new demons of a bleeding and scorched planet. The savage hunters of a people barely surviving nature's latest assault.

These humans gone feral hunt in packs and prey on any who cross their path. Man. Woman. Child. It doesn't matter. Beware! If you want to live, then you run fast and you hide well.

***Rules of Conduct & Play***
1. Stay In Character in play areas. We have an Out Of Character area for other stuff.
2. Respect all. Everyone is here to have fun.
3. Keep your real life drama out of this forum.
4. No baby rapers! Sex happens, but not all the time, and NEVER needs to involve kids.
5. This isn't a dating or singles forum.
6. No cross posting between forums or websites.
7. Respect copyrights. Before using something, get permission, and give credit.
8. Characters must be approved before you play.
9.You're responsible for your posts, to be aware of these rules, any updates to them, and to follow them if you want to play.
10. HAVE FUN!!! :D

Not a rule, but we'd all like it if you try to be at least somewhat original. Instead of copying a movie, TV show, book, or comic all the time.