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Beehive Forum Site Promotions


Within this forum you will find folders to promote your Beehive forum or Beehive forum website.

We do ask you to follow these posting guidelines in all posts here.
1. All posts must be suitable for viewing by all age groups.
2. No profanity or nudity in posts or signatures.
3. No promoting adult content or pornographic sites or forums.
4. Be nice to each other. If you have an issue with someone, take it elsewhere to sort it out. Not here. You can also put them on ignore and you won't know they're around.
5. Keep signatures small. Images should be no larger than 100px high and 300px wide. There should also be no more than two links in it.
6. Forum promotions should be no more than one post in length. Since it usually tells a lot about their forum, many use a copy of their forum's start page or website home page.

You can request access to private forums by replying to the forum owner's promotion post or PM messaging them.

Forum owners contacted for access should be considerate and respond in a timely manner. Even if the response is No.

If you would like a forum on this system, please visit the BeehiveForum.US Site Information Forum on this forums system. Click on the My Forums tab in the navigation bar and you'll find it on the list.