Tharian Races

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The races listed are native to Thar and none of them can interbreed with any other. They might be physically compatible enough to have sex, but no offspring can result from it. Also, no race is evil or good. Evil or good is the choice of each individual.

Humanoid Tharian
Adult: 15 to 29 years.
Middle Age: 30 to 60 years.
Old Age: 61 to 90 years.
Venerable: 91 years.
Lifespan Maximum: 130 years.
Average size: weight and build vary, 5 to 7 feet tall.
Hair: Blond, browns, blacks, reds.
Eyes: Blues, greens, browns.
Racial Abilities: Telepathy or telekinesis. Incredibly tough skin. Very agile and fast. Intelligent.
Air breathers and omnivores.
Breeding is controlled by a female's reproductive cycling and can happen any time during a year. Males sense a female in season and become short tempered and highly aggressive with one another until she's bred. Females make the choice, not the males. Tharian males are very careful not to injure or frighten a female during breeding. They want to be consider for future breeding.
Tharians are not generally monogamous. They instead live in small groups, and males and females change partners within the group often.

Adult: 40 to 124 years.
Middle Age: 125 to 200 years.
Old Age: 201 to 300 years.
Venerable: 301 years.
Lifespan Maximum: 450 years.
Average size: stocky, muscular, 4 or 5 feet tall.
Hair: Dark reds, blonds, blacks.
Eyes: Sky blue, silvers, golds.
Racial abilities: Stone form for defense and can pass through rock, even take someone with them if they keep direct physical contact. Turn things to stone at will with a touch. Very strong. Intelligent.
Air breathers and omnivores.
A mountainer female chooses her match for life at around 40. The unmatched males compete in a number of physical contests and trials in an attempt to win her favor, even to the inspection of their genitals by her. A mountainer female only goes into season once every 5 years. She gives birth to twins, one female and one male each time, but her match must always be ready to please her or face punishment by her male relatives. If her mate dies before she can no longer have children, she may choose another male to take his place.

Adult: 101 to 224 years.
Middle Age: 225 to 650 years.
Old Age: 651 to 1100 years.
Venerable: 1101 years.
Lifespan Maximum: 2000 years.
Average size: 4 to 6 feet tall.
Hair and eye colors: Natural tones of greens, blues, and browns.
Racial abilities: Able to talk with smaller to medium sized animals and sentient plants. Perfect camouflage in wooded areas, carmeleon-like. Control and ride larger flying creatures of Thar. Remarkably nimble, especially in wooded places. Highly intelligent.
Air breathers and vegetarians.
Woodling mates are chosen for them when they're children, then on reaching adulthood they're joined. The ceremony is the joining of 1 male to 3 females for life. They will mate with no others during their lives, and if the male dies, the females will not take another as a mate. They will continue to raise his offspring until they are grown. If they have not broken any of the ancient traditions, and if they wish it, the family they had before being joined will take them back into their household. Most do not go back, but continue in the community as they are or go out into the world.

Adult: 40 to 99 years.
Middle Age: 100 to 300 years.
Old Age: 301 to 500 years.
Venerable: 501 years.
Lifespan Maximum: 750 years.
Average size: 1.5 to 3 feet tall, weight and build vary greatly.
Hair and eye colors: Browns and blacks.
Racial abilities: Call forth and control fire and lava. Shatter rock with a sonic scream. Fireproof. Strong for their size. Leave no tracks to follow. Intelligent.
Air and fire breathers and omnivores.
Grounder females can be ready to breed twice a year. Pregnancy lasts 5 months, and the young don't stay with the mother after the first month. After their first month, all grounder young are kept in brood caves deep underground and looked after by older, infertile females. Female births outnumber male births almost 20 to 1. Making grounder females highly aggressive during these times. Understandably, after being released from the brood cave, grounder males usually take to hiding as much as possible. Even too much of a good thing can be too much. Grounder females are so aggressive during their breeding cycle some have even been said to have attacked males of other species just for some relief from their raging hormones.

Adult: 15 to 69 years.
Middle Age: 70 to 120 years.
Old Age: 121 to 200 years.
Venerable: 201 years.
Lifespan Maximum: 325 years.
Average size: 1 to 2 feet tall.
Hair and eye colors: Varying shades of greens and blues.
Racial abilities: Control water and communicate with water lifeforms. Strip water from other living creatures. Drown an enemy with a single touch. More instinct than thought. Poisonous scratch, neurotoxin.
Air and water breathers and fish and water plant eaters.
Waterlings live in groups controlled by a dominate male and female, waterlling females can only breed with males who belong to their group. If they mate outside the group without permission, the dominants will kill them. Females come into season in the colder months, and males will fight fiercely to win the chance to mate. During the warmer months, the young are ejected from the mother's body, then swim for the cover of any nearby water plant groves. Trying to reach cover before any males of another group discover and kill them. The average female
gives birth to 6 to 12 tads. They're born very savage and competition is fierce among them, usually only 1 survives to adulthood and rejoin their group. Until then, they're on their own. Waterlings do not watch over their young as some other specie.

Adult: 14 to 29 years.
Middle Age: 30 to 50 years.
Old Age: 51 to 65 years.
Venerable: 66 years.
Lifespan Maximum: 130 years.
Average size: muscular, stocky, 6 to 9 feet tall.
Hair: Blacks and dark grays.
Eyes: Varying shades of reds and blacks.
Racial abilities: Smell caves, even buried ones. Poisonous bite and can spit poison. Very physically strong. Only sleep 90 minutes a day. Not very smart, but work well together, and exceptionally physically strong. Savage fighters. Difficult to hurt. Thick hide and bones. Hard muscles.
Air and water breathers and carnivores.
Gor females breed once every two years. Pregnancy is a 18 month process for them and produces a single young. The young gor stays with it's mother for a week, then is left with the other young of the clan. In gor clans females are raised by a dominant female and males by a dominant male. To run the clan and raise the young are their only jobs. The rest of the clan sees to all their other needs. All gor who reach adulthood are sexually active all year, but only if the female is in season will offspring result. Gors are known for their insatiable appetites, and if unable to find another Gor to sate their wants, have been known to grab any physically compatible being nearby and have at them. Gors are not monogamous. They're a far cry from it. It's rumored a gor male can maintain for up to a week. It's no wonder the females of gor clans have learned to take rest where and when it's possible.

Adult: 15 to 150 years.
Middle Age: 151 to 375 years.
Old Age: 376 to 449 years.
Venerable: 450 years.
Lifespan Maximum: 600 years.
Average size: 3 to 4 feet tall.
Hair: Varying shades of whites and silvers.
Eyes: Blues and light golds.
Racial abilities: Control air and clouds. Speak with flying creatures of Thar. Ride larger flying creatures of Thar. Quiet nature, Thoughtful. Intelligent.
Air and water breathers and larger insects carnivores and fruit plants.
Hunchers are a quiet, docile race and no one is quite sure how or when they breed. It's never been witnessed, but if they didn't reproduce in some way, they wouldn't exist. There is much mystery surrounding this species and it's way, but to study something, one must be able to find it first, and hunchers are very good at not being seen.

Adult: 10 to 49 years
Middle Age: 50 to149 years.
Old Age: 150 to 250 years.
Venerable: 251 years.
Lifespan Maximum: 400 years.
Average size: 2 to 2.5 feet tall.
Hair: Black and wiry.
Eyes: Varying reds and dark golds.
Racial abilities: Climb at an incredible speed. Perfect camouflage ability. Can smell precious and valuable stone and ores hidden below ground or within rock. Chattery. Hyper. Sleep 10 minutes every 12 hours. Constantly need watching to prevent them wandering off and getting lost. When attacked, a shrill scream can burst an attacker's eardrums, allowing the Gob to run away and hide.
Air breathers and larger insect carnivores and spiny plant eaters.
Gobs are much like many small forest creatures. They breed year round. A male will keep many females in his stable. He will visit each one in her burrow or cave on a regular basis, and when she gives birth to offspring, will even help care for them. Their paternal nature is surprising, considering how flighty they are most of the time.

Adult: 5 to 25 years
Middle Age: 26 to 40 years.…[Message Truncated] View full message.